Crystal Berry-Roberts, M.D.

As a Board Certified OBGyn physician, I recognize how women often put themselves last on the list. Sometimes, their health suffers as a result. It is easy to forget that their well-being is as important as the well-being of those they care for every day. I am grateful for the opportunity to care for women through various stages of their lives. And years of experience have taught me to listen to my patients so that they know that their voices are valued in the healthcare process. From gynecological exams to treating reproductive system disorders, nothing is routine about a woman’s health. Patients should be as confident in their care whether this is their first visit to the gynecologist or an annual exam for those approaching menopause. I tune in, pay attention, and take very seriously the role that I assume. Entrusting me with your health or the health of your loved one is an honor that I deeply respect. I am the DocWhoListens.